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By Randall Grantham Community Columnist

We’ve got a problem with Afghanistan. We don’t want to be there anymore, and they don’t want us there. While our initial intrusion was necessary and justified, we didn’t get the job done right the first time and it’s been too long to get it right now.

The powers in control here are trying to get out “with honor” and the powers that want to stay in control there want us to stay to protect their positions. But we’ve spent too much blood and treasure on them that they refuse to appreciate with no appreciable results, beyond what we had in the first year, to support our continued presence.

And now, after our soldiers threw a few of their holy books into a cleansing burn pit because they were giving prisoners new islamic bibles, they’ve gone off the hook. They’re rioting in the streets, burning their own businesses and killing our servicemen in traitorous attacks.

We continue to fund them and protect them and rebuild their infrastructure, which never amounted to shit to begin with while they spit in our face.

Excuse me but isn’t it time to say, in diplomatic terms of course, “Fuck all ya’ll?”

As you can tell, I’m no statesman, but what do we reasonably hope to accomplish there now? We’ve been there for over a decade and it ain’t getting no better. We cheered when the Russians gave up fighting there due to the expense and the seemingly insurmountable challenges inherent in the terrain (no, I won’t go into the mess we created by funding the opposition which included a young Osama Bin Laden, may he rest in pain.) and that makes it difficult for us to walk away without swallowing our pride.

But really, what do we honestly hope to do at this point?

To be frank, I’ve got problems with a lot of our foreign policies and our throwing billions of dollars to other countries that use the money to support their screwed up regimes while we have problems paying our own bills. True, Afghanistan doesn’t sit on huge oil reserves like many of the countries we subsidize for no apparent reason other than blatant bribery, which does not seem to be working, but they didn’t have shit before we invaded and they still ain’t got shit. And they don’t seem to care!

So, my question is, again, what do we hope to accomplish there at this point?

Sure, there are those who say our honor is at stake and we have an obligation to them to bring freedom and democracy and this and that.


It’s not a situation like Iraq which Colin Powell famously compared it to a china store saying if we break it, we bought it. They broke it, and we took out the bad part and then stayed too long without a good reason.

So, it’s time to say to the eternally ungrateful Afghans, “As-Salamu Alaykum” or in english, “Peace be with you.” That is the diplomatic term for “Fuck all ya’ll. We’re outta here.”

(Randall C. Grantham is a lifelong resident of Lutz who practices law from his offices on Dale Mabry Highway. He can be reached at LutzLaw@aol.com. Copyright 2012 RCG)


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